Friday, March 28, 2014

Little Miami - 30x30  $600.00

Reception this Sunday for the exhibition - hoping the weather is fine and folks will be strolling in, hungry for a watercolor filled with color/light....and for the cookies I'm baking right this moment!  

Yipes - time to pull them out...

Reception at the Winds Cafe in 
Yellow Springs,OH
Sunday, March 30        4-6pm

Come make a flower for the group collage in honor of Vanessa and those who are or have fought cancer...

'Garden of Hope' invitational collage

Friday, March 21, 2014

Winds Cafe - 'Watercolors - Color and Light

March through April of 2014   an exhibit of 47 watercolors and mixed media - dedicated to Vanessa.  There is also a collage of flowers people are making and donating in honor of one who is or has fought cancer.  20% of art sales will go to Dayton Children's Hospital.

RECEPTION:  Sunday, March 30, 2014 at the Winds Cafe - 4-6pm

Please come see the exhibit!   I'm baking like crazy getting ready!
'Daff-0-Down Dilly'  before the framing
$300.00   16x20 framed

Friday, March 14, 2014

How to create a card that elicits the enormous love we wish to express from afar for our 'little' girl who is turning 18 - in France?  I'm sure she will be surrounded by fun and exciting meals, activities, friends...she will celebrate with a cake, perhaps...un gateau d'anniversaire?

Here's a wee digital drawing scattered throughout with hearts and flowers...what I truly want to do is hug her and kiss her cheek - wish her well as she enters the double bind of being an adult-freedom and responsibility

 Keep your love of life and all things joyful - keep your inner child alive...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Watercolors - Color and Light

I am in the midst of framing up my work for an exhibit at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs - and cutting up my fingers which interferes with a pristine matt, etc - oh la vache....But - I will persevere

  So many people have contributed flowers to the collaborative canvas - Garden of Hope - that will hang in the exhibit.  Some send tiny notes about who they are dedicating their flower to, some write on the back, some send it simply with love.  The flowers each represent someone else who has fought cancer.  The overall project is dedicated to Vanessa.  A few of Vanessa's art pieces will hang at the Winds also.  I will give 20 percent of art sales to Dayton Children's Hospital and all donations if people contribute with their flower, etc. Send me a flower if you wish or make one at the reception.

'Watercolors - Color and Light' - Libby Rudolf  
will hang at the Winds Cafe in YS March 11 through April.

Reception - Sunday, March 30, 4-6pm.  Hope you can come!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heaven and Earth - 20x26
Here is a painting inspired by my sister-in-law Vanessa, who must be in Heaven, I am certain.  I did a pour with watercolors, then saw an angel shape in the middle area which I enhanced with collaged papers, tissues, flower petals and mica-stone flakes.   It is a bit different from anything I have ever created.  I guess you would call it a mixed-media piece.  

hope you like it...

Carpe Diem               Libby